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100 Questions Staffel 1

Charlotte Payne (Sophie Winkleman) is looking for love and has rejected multiple marriage proposals -- but she has yet to meet Mr. Right. When she joins a popular online dating site, she gets a little help from a dating counselor who requires her to take a 100-question compatibility test. The questions aren't easy for Charlotte to answer, and each one requires her to recount a poignant and humorous time in her life with friends. The test becomes a journey of self-discovery for Charlotte who begins to realize what she truly wants in a relationship.




2010 - 2010


Christopher Moynihan, Collette Wolfe, David Walton, Michael Benjamin Washington, Smith Cho, Sophie Winkleman und 3 weitere


Christopher Moynihan, Franco Bario, Kelly Kulchak, Michelle Nader, Ron West und 2 weitere


Alex Hardcastle


Christopher Moynihan

1 What Brought You Here?
2 Are You Open Minded?
3 Are You Romantic?
4 Have You Ever Dated A Bad Boy?
5 Wayne?
6 Have You Ever Had A One-Night Stand?
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